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Issue 4
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My Cousin finally came to visit me. Her name is Roxie and she was here for several weeks. We had so much to catch up on. She wanted to play several times but I am so used to taking an afternoon nap, I just had to tell her to stop. She was very pleasant and let me sleep. She did bring along her masters. I think you can have two masters can't you?
Here Roxie is with Nick
Here Roxie is with Kimmy
Yes, it sure was fun having Roxie here but the very best part was that her visit included a visit with Nick and Kimmy. They are my special friends and they are so good to me all of the time. I wish they lived closer so they could visit me more often. They grow up so fast. I can remember when Kimmy was a little girl and she used me for a cushion and sat on me to watch T.V. Those were really special times for me. Now she is growing up to be a really fine young lady.

The real estate market has been really active. Elaine talks about all the super great programs there are for Buyers. She even said there are some buyers that do not have any cash and are still able to buy a home. I don't have any cash either. I wonder if they have any programs that would let me have a new house. I really do not need any but those offers sound so good that I am really tempted. The only problem I see with that is that I would probably have to move and I like my home where I live. Besides I probably would really get homesick and would want to come back.

I saw some friends the other day, I think I will let them know about these good deals because their masters were renting a house. I saw on this web site a calculator that gave some comparisons on renting versus owning and I could hardly believe it. With no money needed and interest rates so low, it sure is a wise thing to buy a house now.

I said there would be another photo of me somewhere!

Here I am a little older than the last one. This is really the way I look today!

Send me an email. I can not read so you will have to send it to Elaine and she can tell me about it.

Talk to you soon!

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