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Christmas Time

Bow wow, it is almost Christmas. There is a lot of activity going on and it smells really good at our house. I have tried to detect what is baking but I haven't been able to get a taste, yet. Elaine is always watching me when I am in the kitchen so I do have to be pretty careful. So far, nothing has fallen on the floor so I have not had the right opportunity. As I remember, this happened last year, too. In fact last year I never did get a taste. Sometimes I wonder why they do that to me. Everyone makes it smell so good and tempts me but ignores me with their food and gives me this dog food stuff. Oh well, I have heard from my friends the same thing happens at their houses so I guess that is part of being a dog.

There is something strange sitting on the fireplace hearth that I recognize from last year. Elaine gets the things out of the box and sets up all these pieces in an arrangement that kind of looks the same every year. There are little tiny people and a very tiny baby in a manger surrounded by some animals and some other tiny people. Elaine told me that it is very special and that it depicts the birth of Baby Jesus and that is why we have Christmas. I have tried to smell each one but they do not smell like people. In fact, I almost knocked one over one time so I have to be pretty discreet because I would imagine that because of the way they look they could break.

I see packages come and go in the house. Last year I got one, too. But I had to wait until Christmas Day to see what was in it. My friend Kimmy has sent me some pretty cool gifts, too. She puts doggie treats in her package so I not only can smell that it is from her but I know the food is in there so I get excited when that package gets to be opened. You have got to believe me, I do not tear open the package until I am told it is o.k. I must say I do behave most of the time. Dogs really can be good and they can behave most of the time.

Some people are getting a new home this year for Christmas. That would be a really exciting time, wouldn't it? Email Elaine and she can help you get your home.

Elaine brought home the following poem written by Lynnda Gies from Security Title and it seems pretty appropriate for this newsletter. I hope you enjoy it.

"The Thought"

'Tis the season, we all love to share
As gifts we give, to show others we care
The "Thought" they say, is what really does count
Not just the presents, as under the tree they do mount
The "Thought" of giving, a helping hand
Small change to a bell ringer, is a very small demand
A few gifts to the homeless, is the least you can do
It will bring smiles to children, and warm feelings back to you
Give away your smile, a friendly greet to a stranger
Remember how this day started, with three guests in a manger
The money is not always the"Thought" you need to share
"Thoughts" cost us nothing, and shows others you really care
"Thoughts" are a blessing, great gifts from in your heart
What better time than now, to give it all a start
A hand shake, a hug, a "How do you do"
Are gifts you can give, and they always come back to you
So share a gift with meaning, a gift so warm and true
Give someone a present, give the gift of "YOU"

Please be kind to others, Give "YOU" as a gift!
Merry Christmas and Blessings for your Holidays!

Some suggestions for gifts that dogs can give:

Give a wag of the tail.

Greet your master at the door with a happy wiggle, they will love it.

Lick your master on their hand and let them know you care about them.

Be good while your family is eating their dinner by laying quietly on the floor in the hallway away from the food and out of the way.

Stay off the sofa when company comes. They need a place to sit down.

Be patient with your master because they have a very busy schedule. Remember they will walk with you after the big dinner.

Some suggestions for gifts to give to dogs:

Special treats are always appreciated.

A new soft bed.

A soft toy, prefer one that makes a little noise.

An extra large bone to chew on.

Maybe a taste of the "people food" that smells so good.

An extra long walk in the park just to have fun.

A visit to some of my friends if they can not come over.

Yes, this is the same picture as in the last newsletter. I have been busy getting ready for Christmas.

I will look in our albums for more so I can change it next time.

Send me an email. I can not read so you will have to send it to Elaine and she can tell me about it.

I would love to hear any adventures that you have had. I love some of the messages and would really like it if you kept writing.

Talk to you soon!

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