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Issue 2
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It has been a very busy time for me. I went to visit my friend Nicky while Elaine took a brief trip to Nebraska. We had so much fun but I am ready for a vacation myself. It is really tiring to run and chase all over the yard and when I got back home, that sofa looked really good. I must have slept for 2 days! Of course I did get up to eat and take care of my other duties.

Elaine was telling me that there are a lot of houses on the market now and that interest rates are really good. I bet there are some first time home buyers out there that would love to have their own place so they could have a dog live with them. I got to thinking about that and I see now how important that yard can be to some people. I know I really like my yard. Elaine has a lot of flowers in the summer time and I am supposed to stay out of them. I do not understand that. When I was a little puppy, I got to run all over the yard and found some of those yard lights scrattered in the flowers and loved to chew on them. Now I can not reach them and Elaine tells me to stay out of there. I bet I would get in trouble if I went in there so I stay out of her flowers.

I know some people have children and would love to have a private place for their children to play and maybe it's time for them to buy a house. Wouldn't that be a great thing to have. You may be surprised when you talk with Elaine that you really can get your first home. There are so many great programs out there to help people get into their homes.

Some of the loan programs are not just for the first time home buyer but for assisting people in getting into home ownership. What a great time to buy a house! Start building the equity now.

Elaine will help you and get you started on the loan process, directing you to the loan program that best suits your needs. Email today.

Quick Dog Hints

Your dog yearns for companionship. It is a good idea to set aside a certain period each day for romping and play. Your dog learns to look forward to this, and it helps develop the bond betwenn the owner and the dog. During these times, put your hands on the dog as often as you can. Caress him and talk to him.

To reward your dog physically, do not pat him on the head. A warm caress on the shoulder is much better. Run his ear through your hand or move your hand affectionately along the side of his head. Take his nose playfully in your hand. These are the gestures of affection he will understand.

Here I am a little bit older than the photo in the last issue. I am beginning to look a little more dignified, don't you agree?

Send me an email. I can not read so you will have to send it to Elaine and she can tell me about it.

I would love to hear any adventures that you have had. I love some of the messages and would really like it if you kept writing.

Talk to you soon!

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