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General Colorado Tax Information:
General Information about Colorado State Taxes outlines the various tax rates and includes brief information about property taxes, which are handled at the county level. The Colorado income tax rate for 1999 was a flat 4.75 of your federal taxable income regardless of income level. The 2000 year income tax rate was 4.63 percent of federal taxable income and at the present time the statutory state income tax rate for resident individuals, estates and trusts is 4.63 percent of Colorado taxable income.

It should be noted that sales tax rates vary from city to city in Colorado. The state sales tax rate is 3 percent. Effective Jan. 1, 2001, the state sales tax rate will be 2.9 percent. However, counties and cities charge their own rates in addition to the base state rate. See Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates for specific information on cities and counties.
Visit the Colorado Department of Revenue for various answers: to any questions you may have regarding Colorado taxes.
How do I qualify to be a Colorado Resident
Property taxes Jefferson County
How property taxes are calculated for Jefferson County
Search an actual property in Jefferson County:
Property taxes Douglas County
The Douglas County website offers some of the following information:
Property taxes in Douglas County
Frequently asked questions of the Douglas County Assessor's office
Calculating taxes for Douglas County:
Property taxes in the City and County of Denver
Their web site offers the following information:
Neighborhood trends. Select the neighborhood and determine the increase in value.
Actual property taxes in the City and County of Denver, Colorado
General information how Denver real estate taxes are figured.
Property taxes Arapahoe County
The Arapahoe County website offers some of the following information:
The County Assessor answers some questions about property taxes.
What are the neighborhood sales for a particular neighborhood
Actual taxes for a propety in Arapahoe County
Property taxes Adams County
The Adams County website offers some of the following information:
The Assessor is responsible for statutory and non-statutory duties. Many nonstatutory duties must be successfully completed before a statutory deadline can be met. The Assessment Calendar provides the basic statutory deadlines, which must be followed by each Assessor in Colorado. Not all statutory dates or deadlines are listed below. Please refer to Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 39, for specific laws pertaining to property taxation.
What is the function of the Assessor's residential Department?
The primary function of the Residential Department is to value all improved (building or structure) residential parcels. This includes condominiums, townhomes, apartments, and single family residences. The Residential Department values the largest number of parcels located in the County using the market or sales comparison approach to value.
The Department's personnel confirms and verifies sales data, physically inspects residential improved properties, obtains the building's property characteristics, sketches the improvement (building or structure), takes photographs of the property, classifies the property, reviews comparative properties, obtains general and specific neighborhood, region, national, and international data where applicable and a variety of other similar tasks. The primary purpose of collecting this data and information is to assist in valuing the property in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes.
Each improved parcel is physically inspected to determine all property characteristics. This includes such items as roof and roofing, exterior and interior type of construction, plumbing, heating, floors and flooring, building design, number of stories, square footage, and other similar characteristics. This information along with sale prices is used to determine the value of residential properties.
Search Actual property Information for Adams County

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