Retirement Issues To Consider

There is a time when we all think about "Where will I live when I retire?". The first option is to stay in your home. That leads to a whole new menu of other questions - will I be able to keep up with the maintenance of the property - if I hire it done, will I be able to afford it? Is it accessible, for shopping, transportation, my family, health care and recreation I enjoy? What will happen to the property if I can no longer maintain it? What happens if I become disabled some way and can not go up and down steps? Should I get a reverse mortgage so I can afford to stay in my home? These questions are hard to answer! Am I going to lose my independence? Will I be living with my children, who really do not need another family member residing with them?

I am a Grandmother and these retirement issues are very real to me!

A reverse mortgage could give you additional income.
  • Your home can "send" you money while you maintain ownership, live in and enjoy what you have worked years to achieve.
  • You make no monthly payments!
  • Your house pays you. A reverse mortgage is repaid when you sell, transfer your interest, or no longer occupy the home as your primary residence.
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    Yet if you decide to move, where will you move to? Should it be a single-family home or a condominium or an apartment or a specific senior-oriented complex? To answer that questions, one must consider the money required. Very often the sale of the family home will not cover the costs of the new living accommodations. I have seen some senior rental complexes where the monthly rent and fees were more than a person's entire monthly income, making it difficult with a fixed retirement income.

  • Some of the Largest Denver-area Retirement Complexes are Listed Below
    (Price Range from $270 per month to $4,000 per month.)
    (Some of the communities will have assisted living available)

    The Villas at Sunny Acres 2501 E. 104th Ave. Denver, CO 80233 303-255-4151
    Applewood Retirement 3650 Vance, Suite 1, Denver, CO 80123 303-421-1961
    Allied Housing, Inc. 22 S. Adams St., Denver, CO 80209 303-399-1146
    Francis Heights Inc. 2626 Osceloa St., Denver, CO 80212 303-480-9445
    Golden West Senior Residence 1055 Adams Circle, Boulder, CO 80303 303-444-3967
    The Gardens at St. Elizabeth 2835 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211 303-477-4442
    Englewood Meridian 3455 S. Corona St., Englewood, CO 80110 303-761-0300
    Rocky Mountain Village Estates 1274 County Road 65, Evergreen, CO 80439 303-670-3464
    Heritage Club of Denver 2020 S. Monroe St., Denver, CO 80210 303-756-0025
    Canterbury Gardens 11265 E. Mississippi Ave., Aurora, CO 80012 303-341-1412
    The Argyle 4115 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO 80212 303-455-9513
    Springwood Retirement Community 6550 Yank Way, Arvada, CO 80005 303-424-6550
    Frasier Meadows Manor 350 Ponca Place, Boulder, CO 80303 303-499-4888
    Sakura Square/Tamai Tower 1255 19th St., Denver, CO 80202 303-295-0305
    Dayton Place Retirement 1950 S. Dayton St., Denver, CO 80231 303-751-5150
    Oakhurst Towers 8030 E. Girard Ave., Denver, CO 80231 303-696-0576
    Park Manor 1801 E. 19th Ave., Denver, CO 80218 303-839-7000
    Lakewood Meridian 1805 S. Balsam St., Lakewood, CO 80232 303-980-5500
    Porter Place Retirement Residence 1001 E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80210 303-871-9200
    Cathedral Plaza 1575 Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO 80203 303-837-1424
    Westland Meridian 10695 W. 17th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215 303-232-7100
    Cherry Oaks Retirement Community 6800 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO 80224 303-331-9963
    Kentucky Circle Village 4901 E. Kentucky Circle, Denver, CO 80222 303-756-5218
    Arvada Meridian 9555 W. 59th Ave., Arvada, CO 80004 303-425-1900
    Covenant Village of Colorado 9153 Yarrow St., Westminster, CO 80021 303-424-4828

    Other Options

    There are a few new home builders that have recognized a real need and specialized in patio homes and enclaves of smaller attached housing. There are also townhouses that are all on one level that are convenient to a lot of location requirements you may have. There really are quite a few options open.

    For example, you may choose a development with detached (single family) homes whereby a Home Owner's Association maintains the grounds and the exterior of the home, giving you more time to travel, etc. Some of these communities are gated for further security. You may choose a complete community that offers transportation, activity centers, swimming, etc. among the amenities. Yet you may just want a smaller home and still maintain your yard. All of these are possible depending on your own life style. I can help you sort through some of the possibilities and show you homes that fit your needs. Please call or email for more information.

    Disability Issues

    Physical disabilities do come into the picture no matter what a person's age. There are many people that have bad knees, bad backs and many with serious illnesses...many in their middle years! If you have questions about disability information visit

    I can also help you find a home that will fit your needs if you have disability issue needs. Please E-mail Elaine Ashby or call me for more information.

    There are some great sites on the internet that offer helpful information especially geared to travelers with disabilities.

    This is a great site for accessible travel information, as well as specialized tours, scuba dive vacations, and accessible accommodations.

    A wide range of options, including cruises, and a service to link up with a traveling companion.

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